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A letter of encouragement from Bishop Persico to the Faithful

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Joseph School, Lucinda, PA is to prepare our students and ourselves to live a faith-filled life. We offer a quality education to children of all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. We strive to integrate the teachings of Jesus Christ within the academic curriculum, offer spiritual and moral guidance, and help all students excel to their highest potential. By being aware of our students’ needs, St. Joseph School exists to educate the whole child.

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Thank You!!! 03/30/2020

We would like to thank Sportsman's Paradise and Country Eats & Icy Treats. They are donating a portion of their proceeds from their Friday fish sales to St. Joseph School. We would also like to thank the individuals that have agreed to match the amount.

"Come Grow with Us" 02/05/2020

We would like to thank everyone who generously donated to the "Come Grow with Us" Fund. If you would still like to invest in the future of our youth, "Come Grow with Us" Fund donations can be mailed to: St. Joseph School, P.O. Box 9, Lucinda, PA 16235.

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Competition - School-Level Winners 02/05/2020

St. Joseph School Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Competition School-Level Winners are K - Jax, 1st Grade - Jackson, 2nd Grade - Maxwell, 3rd Grade - Ellie, 5th Grade - Ethan, 6th Grade - Brady. Congratulations to all of our school-level winners.