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Welcome Back to School - Return to School 2020-2021


I pray that this letter finds you and your family well.   As we look forward to the start of school, our focus is to address the health and safety of our students, but also to meet their academic, spiritual, social, and emotional needs. Our intent is to offer in-person instruction, five days/week starting August 26, 2020, if we are in the Green or Yellow Phase.  If we are in the Red Phase, the school will be closed, and remote learning will take place.  

We will be utilizing ClassDoJo for the preschool and kindergarten students and Google Classroom for the first - sixth -grade students for remote learning if necessary.  While in school, the teachers will be working with the students on these platforms to help prepare the students if it is necessary for us to go remote. I will be sending out some resources, as well.  We have been working closely with The Erie Diocese Catholic Schools Office in developing our reopening plans. As long as there are cases of COVID-19 in the community, there are no strategies that completely eliminate transmission risk within a school population.  We will work with families with concerns individually.  If you have concerns, please call the school and ask to speak with me.

God Bless,

Mrs. Betsy Ochs

Return to School Plan for 2020/2021

Before School Begins

  • Ensure that your family has a plan ready in case your child has to stay home due to illness or unexpected school closure.
  • Know that we are doing everything we can to ensure your child(ren)’s safety and education while staying in compliance with health guidelines.
  • Practicing with your child(ren) will help them transition into the new expectations more smoothly.
    • You can practice the following with your child(ren):
      • maintaining a positive attitude towards helping to keep others safe
      • wearing a mask 
      • Hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water
      • using hand sanitizer
      • covering coughs/sneezes with a tissue
      • 6-feet socially distancing
      • Utilize online tutorials and videos on how to navigate through and use Google Classroom


School Procedures:  Daily Health Screenings and Arrival

  • A daily wellness check form will be sent home to all families.  Please check your child(ren) using this guide to help ensure the safety of all staff and students.  Parents/guardians, please keep your child home if they are sick with any illness.
  • Touchless temperature checks and symptom checks will be completed upon arrival.
    • A staff member will be in the parking lot screening students as they arrive at school. Parents/guardians transporting students to school need to remain in the parking lot until the student is screened.  A student must be fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medicine to enter the building.  
    • Students will be monitored throughout the day for symptoms.
    • Students arriving late must report to the top door of the main building for a wellness check before entering either of the buildings. (Use the buzz-in entry.)
  • Students will be entering the buildings through different entrances based on the classroom they are in and will report directly to their classroom:
    • Preschool - main door of the preschool building
    • Kindergarten (now located in the library) - bottom door of the preschool building 
    • First Grade and Sixth Grade - back door of the main school building
    • Second Grade, Third Grade and Fourth Grade - top door of the main building

School Procedures:  Hygiene 

  • Masks required for students and staff upon arrival, while moving about in the buildings, when exiting the buildings, on buses and vans, and anytime they cannot social distance 6 feet apart. 
    • All desks in the classroom are 6 feet apart, facing one direction, so students will not be required to wear masks while seated at their desks.  
    • If students and staff maintain 6 feet social distancing while outside, they will not be required to wear a mask outside during recess/gym class. 
    • We ask that each student wear a mask to school and have an extra mask in their backpack if possible.  We will have some disposable masks available if a student is in need of a mask.  We will also provide breakaway lanyards to the students to clip to their masks.  This will ensure the students are not dropping their masks when they are not wearing them.
    • Staff will be required to wear a face-covering while directly working with or around students.
  • We are receiving funds from a COVID-19 Grant to purchase cleaning and sanitizing supplies as well as personal protective equipment.
  • Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing will be implemented throughout the school day.
    • Students and staff will wash their hands or sanitize before and after meals and recess.
    • No-touch soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers have been ordered.
    • No-touch water faucets have been installed in all of the restrooms.
  • Hygiene posters are displayed throughout the building. 
  • Students will be trained on hygiene standards. (Teach and reinforce washing hands, properly wearing masks, social distancing, and covering coughs and sneezes.)


School Procedures:  Classroom Space/Physical Distancing


  • Interactions between groups/classes will be restricted.
    • Lunches, restroom breaks, and recess times will be scheduled to avoid interaction between classes in the hallways and outdoors.
    • Students will report directly to their classrooms in the morning through designated doors.
    • Students will remain in their classrooms, and teachers will travel from classroom to classroom.


  • All desks in the classrooms are six feet apart, facing one direction, so students will not be required to wear masks while seated at their desks.
  • Students must wear cloth face coverings when a six-foot distance is not possible, when in common school areas.
  • Signs and markings will be displayed throughout the school to remind students and staff of physical distancing.  
    • Lines, six feet apart, will be painted on the blacktop to help staff and students social distance.
    • Social distance spots will be placed on the floors every six feet.
    • Posters will be displayed in the hallways to promote best hygiene practices.


School Procedures:  Cleaning and Disinfecting


  • Buildings have been deep cleaned over the summer months. 
  • We will begin each day by ventilating the building by opening all possible windows.  The windows will remain open as long as possible.
  • Staff members will be trained in cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, and ventilation.
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies have been purchased through a COVID-19 Grant.
  • Frequently touched surfaces and objects in the school will be cleaned and disinfected several times a day within the school and on the school grounds.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will be done at the end of each day as well.
  • Schedules will be set for the use of the restrooms, bottle fillers, and playground.  The areas will be disinfected by a staff member after each use of each area, and the next group will be scheduled 15 minutes later.

School Procedures:  Quarantine 


  • An empty classroom on the bottom floor of the main building away from other students and staff will be designated as an isolation room for a student or staff member who may arrive sick or become sick.  There is an outside door to this room.  

If a student or staff member has a fever or is showing signs /symptoms, a family member will be notified immediately for them to be transported home.  The school nurse will also be contacted.  The nurse will contact the Department of Health when it is necessary to do so.

  • Students and staff members exposed to COVID-19 are to be quarantined for 14 days and should not come to school until cleared by a physician.  The school nurse will be notified, and she will report to the Department of Health.  The Department of Health will notify anyone in close contact with the individual.  The CSO will also be notified.
  • Arrangements will be made for students to work from home if they are quarantined.


School Procedures:  During the School Day


  • Students will remain in their classrooms or spend time outside for the majority of the day.  Special classes will be held with their own class in the classroom or outside.
  • Weather permitting, recess will be held outside.
  • Students will have physical movement/brain breaks throughout the day. 
  • The water fountains will be turned off, but the bottle fillers will remain on.  A new bottle filler will be installed in the preschool and in the kindergarten.
    • All students are asked to bring a filled screw-top water bottle each day.
  • Lunch will be in the classrooms.  
    • Desks will be cleaned before and after eating.
    • Lunchtimes will be scheduled to ensure classes are not passing in the hallways for handwashing and restroom breaks before and after lunch.
    • Students will be socially distanced facing the same direction for lunch and will not share food.
    • Teachers may choose to take students outside for lunch.
  • We will ensure adequate supplies to minimize sharing or limit use of supplies and equipment by one group of students at a time and clean and disinfect between use.
  • All visitors and/or volunteers will only enter the building upon approval and must be wearing a mask.  
  • We will restrict nonessential visitors from entering the building.


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