About Us


The mission of St. Joseph School, Lucinda, PA is to  prepare our students and ourselves to live a faith-filled life. We offer a quality education to children of all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. We strive to integrate the teachings of Jesus Christ within the academic curriculum, offer spiritual and moral guidance, and help all students excel to their highest potential. By being aware of our students’ needs, St. Joseph School exists to educate the whole child.


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St. Joseph School in Lucinda, Pennsylvania, is a rural Catholic elementary school founded in 1860 under the direction of the Diocese of Erie. The complex consists of a preschool and kindergarten building with a library as well as a building that houses first through sixth grades. The student-centered learning model offers students flexibility, rigor, and personalized learning in a 21st century classroom. High quality work is expected and fostered. Catholic identity is integrated throughout the curriculum and modeled by the faculty and staff. The school serves families in Venango, Clarion, Forest and Jefferson counties. Transportation is available.



Christian Values

  • Open to All Denominations
  • Daily Community Prayer and Religious Education Classes
  • Weekly Student-Centered Liturgies & Prayer Services
  • Alter Servers for Mass
  • Nursing Home Visitations
  • “To Know & To Serve” Religion Competition
  • Community Outreach by Sending Seasonal Greetings



The curriculum is developed and maintained through the current Diocese of Erie guidelines that exceed state requirements.

Technology integrated into daily instruction

Teaching for mastery